Saturday, September 27, 2008

small update

This here is my first attempt at digital painting.
For my part I'd like to say I've never before used
a Wacom tablet, stylus, or the program in which I
worked, Corel Painter. It may stink, but its a stink
I've come to enjoy. (The design is by Joe Olson)

This handsome bugger is the subject of my
next painting.  With this one Sam (my digital painting 
instructor and God of the Stylus) has upped the ante.
Hopefully when this one is painted I'll show progress...hopefully.
(My design, and if you want to see what good digital
painting looks like, go to Sam's blog in my links section).


Craig said...

I like the viking, even though it has someone else's name on it. I am also partial to the slacker policeman; he sort of speaks to me. I eagerly await your next artistic post.

Aaron said...

I was just passing through (via Chelsea's via Claire's), and I think I stumbled onto this blog before (I remember the Batman shirts). I'll be sure to keep coming back. Love your stuff! Keep a-postin'! See you in Film class.

Brandon and Lindsey Pedersen said...

Dear Husband,
Hector has informed me that housework is for ninnies. Therefore, I will not be doing it today. Nay, instead I will be sitting around watching Mazes and Monsters, Best of the Best, and Masters of the Universe. It shall be the day to end all days!

Brandon and Lindsey Pedersen said...

No one else would marry you.

Joe Cressssss said...

BRANDON!!!! thanks for being such an awesome director!!! anyways you need to post more of your stuff dude.

Rapha said...

This drawings are really cool Brandon, good job man. I'm excited to see the painted version of the drunk man
see ya

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