Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Free Write

Justice takes strange forms.  Generally it is understood by religious peoples that vengeance and retribution belong to God; that those who conduct lives of wickedness while on earth will be punished in the hereafter if not while they are yet alive.  Or for those that are truly vile, I speak here of those cretins that talk loudly or use cell phones while in the movies, perhaps they will be punished both on earth and in the life to come. 

It is frustrating when we feel we have been wronged by a person knowing they might not get their comeuppance until after they have passed on.  Occasionally, however, someone who has mistreated us is punished while we are around to enjoy it.  No, we should not enjoy seeing another punished but it does feel nice to gloat until the guilt hits. 

While working at her retail job my wife was recently screamed at by a small woman with an irritatingly high-pitched voice.  She wanted to buy a living room set on her husband’s account and didn’t understand that without her husband present to authorize the transaction legally the company could not push through the order.  The woman, finally fed up by being told ‘no,’ made a disparaging comment directed at my wife then stormed out. 

A few weeks passed then I got a call from my wife while she was at work.  Apparently the woman above had been arrested for fraudulently using her EX-husband’s account, a fact she neglected to share with the sales associates at the time she was trying to use it to buy her furniture.  Now one of the women from work has to appear in court to testify against the woman who was illegally using her husband’s account.  

My wife has commenced gloating and due to her lack of a soul will probably not stop.  I, on the other hand, must wait until the hereafter.

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Kylie Jo said...

I got kind of confused reading this. I really thought you were going to talk about cell phones and then you began talking about this crazy woman. Connect the dots.