Thursday, January 31, 2008

My first day in Intro to Animation

After 15 minutes of introductions and polite though meaningless conversation she walked into the room, slightly flustered, looked around, and sat on the only remaining chair.

"Are you Sarah?"




"Sandra, Kelly?"


"Well, what are you doing in my classroom?"

The rest of the students laughed as our instructor winked at us.

"Uh," she looked around nervously, "I got an e-mail?"

It wasn't a question but she said it like one.

"Well, you're not on my list, so why are you here?" The last word stretched to three syllables as our instructor jokingly motioned around the room.

"I registered for this class. The e-mail said I was registered?"

"This is a block class; you're probably in the second block."

"Okay," she sat down and began unpacking her bag, taking out some paper to take notes.

"If you're in the second block, you need to come back when that starts."

"Oh. But I'm registered for this class." She was confused, staring at the professor. "I'm registered now."

"Right, but this is the first block. You're in the second block. Come back in October." Our instructor looked at us, not sure if this girl was really confused or just joking.

"But I'm registered?" Asking this did nothing to strengthen her argument.

"The second block starts in October. Come back in October."

Class members began to laugh; the girl looked bewildered but gathered her things and started towards the door. She turned around, another question on her face.

"Come back to this room on October 25, at the same time. You're still in the class; you're just in the second block."

The class began to laugh again and the girl stumbled out the door. It is ridiculous that a person can make it to college and yet remain incapable of grasping a seemingly simple concept. A friend who works in the BYU Bookstore recently adjusted his status to on-call after a customer repeatedly insisted there was only one Korea.

"What's this South Korea, North Korea business? There's just Korea. Like Vietnam."

He just couldn't handle the general stupidity existent on a prestigious university campus. Neither can I.

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Kylie Jo said...

Hahaha...I don't really have any adivce on this one; your stance was very evident. People are ridiculous!